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I like the way the readers give an option to have your cards send to you via email. It was a clear cut reading. Everything was happening in my life and i know what i have to do now-Emilla

My control spell worked good for about 3 months then all of a sudden she just stop listening. I will reorder the spell but this time i will order 2 packages-Macen

I had a court case that i had been going to court for. I had a spell done to beat my court case and got all of my charges dismissIm stuck with this site and should have came here with my first two cases- David

It took two moon cycles for my spell to work but we broke up again and she has me blocked. I don't know how to feel about that-Marcel

It took about two  months but he finally proposed to me. The love spell worked. He haven't left to go out with his friends and best of all, we haven't argued since the spell- Ashleigh

It worked! IT WORKED! i finally got what i have been wanted for two years with some SOAP. I totally recommend!-Tammy

Me and my boyfriend put up with his petty baby mama was three year finally got a tarot reading and we found out that he was not even the real father. Just imagine how long we would have put up with her BS if i wouldn't have came here. Next i will be doing a cord cutting spell on her. Devin

I found out who has been going outside of this relationship. I am a angry woman. Thank you for the tarot reading-Camisha

The reading sound pretty accurate, i only paid for a 6 card reading but i think i needed more cards. I will buy more cards in the near future. -Melissa

Well finally got the truth  after all of these years of wondering. I can't say there's any lies because everything resonated with my life.-Elijiah

I found out i was in a love triangle, i checked his phone for the first time after my reading. I don't like the fact that the reader is so blunt when telling you that you are getting cheated on. People have feelings you know.-Jackie

I got a message from my grandmother and i was in tears because the things that the Guru told me just matched up with the things that i am going through right now. I just wish i could have gotten a longer reading but i will purchase again soon. i must because i got so many unanswered questions.-Niesha

I just finished high school and was confused on my career path that i should take. 
I was shocked that i got clarity on what i should do. It was actually one of my choices that i was second guessing but i now know that i can believe in tarot because how did they know that was even one of my choices. They don't even know me. Wow! -Myrah

Found out my girl friend was having a hot girl summer right in time before i started college- JD

I did a spell and hit for $5000 at the casino the day after the spell. Haa! Can't tell me that wasn't luck or a coincident. My favorite site now-Jamiesha

Every since i did the manifestation spell with my kids all of their grades went up-Bernice

I felt like i was fighting my demons and couldn't get them off of me. I was going through things back to back. It seemed like my life was turned upside down for years. I could not keep a relationship. I did not have a stable home life. I could not keep a job. Child support was eating me alive. As soon as i ran upon this site by accident on Youtube through an ad it seem like my life just changed from that day. Something kept pressing me to get the clearing kit but the other side of me kept telling me don't waste your money, it may be a scam, just all kind of negative bullsh*t. I called the number to make sure it was real. I went out on the limb because it seem like it was my last option and i was losing hope in my life. One month later i lie not to you, my life has done a 360. i have been able to compromise better with people getting money out of no where and more. I am truly grateful for the help provided. It just seem unreal. I purchased another kit since then because i'm just amazed. These types of blessings and turn arounds aint for everybody.-Brian

I just don't like the smell of the dark magic soap. I don't know if it is the herbs or oil in it but i don't like it. The spell work but that's my only dislike.-Xavyn

I got two different light magic spells done on my health 3 months apart and got good results when i had my recent appointment. I give my thanks the good lord first but i gotta give the props to the Guru for the spells.-Patricia

I got my family back for the holidays. I Thank you Thank you Thank you!-Shun



Fast Shipping! I was not expecting to get it that fast-Jose

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